Sunday, September 2, 2007

GPT tips


Most of the times people do not want to fill countless signing up forms Especially when you want to heard some cash for taking surveys on a GPT site.
This program is a safe way to input a profile of yourself that will automically fill sign-ups at the click of a button. It can also generate passwords and saves the username and the password you use on any site you login if you desire it. Roboform saves alot of time and is absolutely spyware free . Your accounts will never get stolen or deleted . You can download it @

You will need to when you use your GPT site to put your browser to accept all cookies in ''tools '' then in ''options''.


After you COMPLETE an offer, you will need to clear all your cookies and cache and you can do it with one click of a button with this awesome program @ If you do not follow these steps , they will be a great chance that your offers will always be pending and never be approved or even declined by the GPT admin.

Free email addresses

They are useful in the way that you do not get multiple emails for registering on a site for trying to earn some cash from a GPT site.My tip would be to get the free email service called Gmail since they are accepted by almost all the sites and every email will reach you in either message folder or spam. Email @ if you wish for a gmail invite with subject : Gmail Invite.

Free voicemail phone
You can find one at , a website sponsored by Netzero, where you will get a free voicemail phone number and email addres . Once you register by a GPT site , you wont be bothered each time an advertiser calls you through this number , you will be tipped of by an email and you can listen to your messages with your email or by checking with your regular phone line. This program is free and is useful so you do not get any sollicitors calling you @ home.

Using different email addresses:

It is highly recommended to alternate your email addresses so the advertiser doesnt know he pays the same customer and thus he credits more often.

A good way to do so without any time wasting of registering a huge amount of new accounts would be to use GMAIL and once you have an account , you put a period anywhere before the @
E.G: My email is
Then i can change this email to
or or and so on and so forth.

The advertiser will think its a different email but all emails concerning your offers will be sent to the original email address.

Basic rules

These are some basic rules that are enforced by almost all the GPT sites or work at home programs.

1.You can only one account on the website per household or by ip

2.You must be 13 years or older or 18+ if you are under eighteen you will need the permission of parents to register on GPT sites

3.NEVER GIVE FALSE INFORMATION. This will result in deletion and banning of account if admins find you

4.Do not use AOL broswer and most sites only accept firefox or Internet explorer 7.

5.You will be forbidden to register if you are not from a country that advertisers are looking customers in.

6.Marking offers you didnt do as completed is fraud and your account will be deleted


Proof of payment of my GPT sites

>Here are the proof of payments from the GPT sites i mentionned earlier .

Quickrewards: I got paid within a few hours from request with this site and support is always there in case of problems.


Monsterpayscash: Pays on every 20th of month but you have to request on the GPT site before the last day in previous month


Monsterpaysworld: Pays on every 20th of month but you have to request on the GPT site before the last day in previous month





Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get paid To take surveys top sites

GPT sites must be one of the best programs out there since they make you literrally earn hundreds a month if you are dedicated to it and are in the targeted area. You are basically paid to do offers and to sign up on certain programs or you can make use of trials which give a higher payout if you have a credit card. YOU should NEVER pay to join a site since these programs already get a percentage of what you earn when you complete offers. You should do at the most 5 offers on these GPT or advertisers may find less profitable to always contact the same customer.

1. Quickrewards (US and Canada members)

I like this GPT site A WHOLE LOT since there is NO MINIMUM payout and payments are made through paypal and check. The support is very good and you get a daily offer worth 0.75¢ . Thats almost 1$ for 5 minutes of work and without counting the other tons of offers there is . Forums are available but still in alpha testing. The other members are very active.

2. Cashcrate ( International)

This GPT site has a 10$ payout which can be easily attained with all the offers there is and now has TWO daily survers each worth 0.80¢ . Thats an easy 50$ a month with JUST this program.
The referral program is the highest there is (20%) since most of the other sites only offer 10%.
Forums are available for awesome support by members or admins. Click here


3.Monsterpaysworld (international)

This GPT site has NO MINIMUM PAYOUT and pays to paypal once a month. Awesome site with tons of offers that varies from 0.75¢ to 25 $ payout.
Click here

4.Monsterpayscash (international)
Exactly the same get paid for taking surveys site and same owner BUT i found it more profitable for USA members . There are still some international offers so you can use both sites to maximise your earning for working at home.

5. Raid the bank

This is a very good site for US and Canada members where there is numerous surveys and offers you can signup to while working at home. The minimum payout is 20$ which can be obtained easily and received by check or paypal.The referral level is 8%.

A very good GPT site with a layout extremely good for the eye and tons of offers to sign up for. You get a sign up bonus of 3$ and payout is attainable at 20$ by check or paypal. The referral is 10 to 20% for level 1 and 5% for level 2.

Get Instant Profitz!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Need Advice or information

You need info on a site or a third oppinion or heck a fourth one ?

These sites are the places to go too and They are the most reliables ones out there on the Wild Wild Web.


Welcome to my blog where you will learn how to utilise Get Paid To sites and exploit them to their full potential.

GPT sites are programs in which you do surveys , offers, trials, searching the web and click ads and emails for a certain reward. I will tell you which one are the most profitable and how you can make hundreds of dollars per month with the right information and tools. I will give you a review of each site i have tested and give you GPT tips so you can make more money withouth using too much fo your time by working at home